In early 1939, the employees of the Democrat Printing & Lithograph established a federal chartered Credit Union as a non-profit organization to serve its members by promoting thrift and creating a source of credit at a reasonable rate of interest.

The Charter members of the Credit Union were Merlin Herrington, S.B. Pinckney, Roscoe Fitzgerald, A.H. Pais, Leroy J. Sparrow, Roy Roberts, Rue A. Wilson, C.S. Highley, F.M. Lucas, R.L. Dobbins.

Since that time, select new employer groups and hundreds of members have passed through the credit union doors and the DPLFCU Union continues to thrive and grow.

The current Board and Management of the DPLFCU are excited about the future of the credit union and will continue to add new and improved products and services to benefit our members.

2017 - 2018 

Board of Directors

  • Jerome Stehle, President
  • Sherri Halliburton, Vice-President
  • Pris Dodson, Secretary - Treasurer
  • Debra Wilson
  • Nancy Montgomery
  • Matt Saddler
  • Johnny Scott, Jr.

Supervisory Committee

  • Nancy Montgomery, Chairman
  • Don McDaniel
  • Teresa Creed

Credit Committee

  • Dennis Mashburn
  • James Still
  • Paige Mobbs


  • Pris Dodson